Physical Therapy Program (PT)

Physical therapy services are provided in member districts by APTA-registered physical therapists as related services for learners birth through age 21 to help them benefit from educationally.  

The primary role of the physical therapist is to instruct parents and staff in facilitating motor development as it relates to educational goals.  Physical therapists work in cooperation with medical and education teams.  

Services may include the following:

  • evaluation

  • instruction in positioning

  • gross motor function

  • recommendations for and assistance with equipment

  • inservices

  • environmental adaptation and the provision of physical therapy to facilitate proper patterns of movement

  • positioning       

  • gross motor progress

Supervisor and Contact Information

Lori Klein, Dean of Special Education - Itinerant Programming
Phone: 612-902-9323
Email:  [email protected]

917 Physical Therapy Program Flyer  

ISD 917 Physical Therapy Physician Referral Form

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