Special Education Services

Alliance RockIntermediate School District 917 serves the low incidence needs of special education students from our member school districts in the southeastern metropolitan area.  Students are referred to us by their home school districts.

As space permits, referrals are accepted from other districts for programming.

Our programs and services include comprehensive options and efficient special education services that expand on what the member district may be able to offer in their own schools.

Our Philosophy of Special Education

  • Students are to be valued equally.
  • All students can learn, including students with disabilities.
  • Individual education plans are developed cooperatively with resident district staff, Intermediate School District 917 staff and parents/guardians.  The individual education plans include a comprehensive view of each student and his or her abilities and needs, including transitional issues.
  • Students with disabilities will be served in an environment appropriate to their educational needs.  We believe that providing services to students with disabilities in integrated settings is determined by individual student needs and should be practiced and encouraged when that setting will foster appropriate educational growth.
  • Educators from the resident school districts and Intermediate School District 917 must cooperate with each other and other human service agencies in order to achieve comprehensive student centered services.
  • Because the school district in which the student resides is legally responsible for the special education services provided to the student, District 917 must also be responsive to the expectations of that district.
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