ISD 917 Summer School Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in ISD 917's Summer School options for 2022!

Click here to apply for summer school!

We have two options for summer school:
  • In-Person Program:
    • Dates: 6/20/22 - 7/21/22
    • Times: 8:20am - 11:30am Mon., Tues., & Thurs. AND 8:20am - 3:00pm Weds.
    • Location: DCALS Main Campus at DCTC in Rosemount
    • Program: English Credit Recovery, Music Production, & Mechatronics (*students will take all three courses)
    • Transportation: Provided by student (*except for current DCALS North students - transportation is available for DCALS North students from DCALS North campus to DCALS Main campus)
    • ISD 917 Contact: Email Erin Mahnke
  • Independent Study Program:
    •  Dates: 6/13/22 - 8/4/22
    • Times
      • DCALS Main Campus: 8:00am-12:00pm Mon.-Thurs.
      • DCALS North Campus: 8:00am-12:00pm Tues. & Thurs.
    • Location: Asynchronous, Online
    • Program: Credit recovery through Odysseyware program (various courses available)
      • Students are required to be in attendance on campus at least once per week for 2 hours
    • Transportation: Provided by student
    • ISD 917 Contact: Email Pam Biegler

Enrollment Priority
12th grade ISD 917 students - Prioritized through 5/13/22
**Students from all districts and grades 10-12 are welcome to apply any time.