ISD 917 Contracts & Job Descriptions

Teachers’ Contract 2023-2025
Education Support Professionals 2024-2026
Clerical Contract 2022-2024
Health Associates Contract 2022-2024 
Interpreters Union Contract 2024-2026

Below are the current job descriptions for positions within ISD 917.  They are divided into three categories:

  • Administrative Positions: These are roles at the district or site level that require specific MN administrative licensure and/or provide leadership for students and/or staff.
  • Licensed Staff Positions: These are district, site-based, or itinerant roles that require specific MN licensure and work directly with ISD 917 students, staff, and/or families.
  • Non-Licensed Staff Positions: These are district or site-based roles that do not require specific MN licensure, yet play highly important roles for the students, staff, and families of ISD 917.

For additional information on jobs and employment at ISD 917, see our Careers Page or contact [email protected].