Don Williams-Social Studies

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Hello, I teach Social Studies and serve as the Lead Teacher at the DCALS North location. I also coordinate student enrollment. I encourage you to search through the District and our school webpages. We offer many options to our students for credit recovery, credit acquisition, and a full and supportive high school type of experience. The picture you see is my classroom. Students are encouraged to be active and creative in their academic pursuits. We have studied the individuals you see and the students have selected who they want represented on the wall. Then the students find the pictures and put them on the wall. If you are interested in these options or this environment for your student, please feel free to call me at 651-332-5573.

We use a program called Odysseyware for our online options. This is the link to this program:
owschools for online options


A little something about me. I have been here for 8 years. I have a large family that includes 8 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. If you can start young and learn along the way you can accomplish anything. It has been challenging but it is incredibly fun. I have coached 17 years of high school hockey, both genders and as an assistant and head coach. I am taking this year to finish my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and am going to coach my great-grandson as he takes on hockey. I believe in open dialogue, honesty and providing appropriate feedback, and acting fairly to students and peers. I honestly believe that we are required to teach students academic requirements but we are also mentors and guides to our students and we try to support and encourage that daily.

QUARTER 1   2015-2016

Welcome to the first quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. I will be teaching the following classes this Quarter and through the first semester of the year:

First period - 8:30 to 9:45 - Sociology

Second period - 9:50 to 11:05 - Am/Wld Issues (History)

Third period - 11:10 to 12:20 - Government

Fourth period - 1:00 to 2:15 - Prep (Enrollment and other school related activities).

Fifth period - 2:20 to 2:50 - Online Economics

The focus of the classes this quarter and semester will be on the events that are shaping our world with emphasis on the past year - 2015! We will relate our diversity and expectations as diverse groups in society and how they are evolving in Sociology. We will discuss the Reconstruction era and the Civil Rights Movement in our history and relate them to the racial issues we are facing as a nation today in History. And we will work through the concept of "Politically Correct" and the emphasis of Social Media as well as the roles of the President of the United States, Liberal vs. Conservative, and the issues we face as a country domestically and internationally based on the decisions of our elected officials in Government.

Students should bring to class DAILY things to write with and paper to write on. They should bring a spiral bound notebook to log daily activities and write student reflections on the Essential Question of the day, the assigned activities, instruction, and their effort as applied to the daily activity. They should also bring a participatory and cooperative attitude to the classes they are enrolled in as they will be assessed, partially, by their participation which will be a daily expectation.