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This page is under construction and changing daily.  Check back for more updates.

ISD 917 COVID-19 Resources

ISD 917 COVID-19 Resource Guide, compiled by ISD 917, School Social Workers.  This helpful guide to resources available throughout the ISD 917 area.  There is information about accessing food, internet service, mental health services, and many other resources.  
COVID-19 Resource Guide

The specifics of how each teacher, therapist, or service provider will be providing instruction and service to the children they serve varies broadly even within any individual program, because the needs of the students in each program vary widely.  However, a parent or family may find it useful to understand how a site will generally provide the services to students in a distance learning model.
ISD 917 Distance Learning Plan
The ISD Program Contact List is an organized by site/program.  The list is organized by site/program.  If you are not sure who to contact, a good resource to start with is the program administrative assistants.   If you know the person you are intending to contact, you can also find them on the contact us list on the right-side margin on the homepage.  
ISD 917 Program Contact List 

The District Meal Distribution Plan details how our member districts are distributing meals to families. Please click the link for specific information about your district.
District Meal Distribution Plan

In addition to the District Meal Plan, a new real-time online map can help families obtain free lunches for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The free student meals map is a collaboration of Dakota County, cities and school districts that allows restaurants and other food providers to include themselves as resources on the map

Many children rely on school to provide breakfast and lunch during the day. Following the closure of schools due to COVID-19, Dakota County school districts and restaurants have offered to give free lunches to students in need. Users are encouraged to check the map regularly for updates and additional resources. The map can be viewed by going to the following link which will direct you to the Dakota County COVID-19 School Updates Page.
Free School Lunch MAP

With the closing of schools due to COVID-19 it is our commitment to continue to serve our families in whatever capacity we can. We would like to extend an invitation to those families that may need support from our district-based food shelf.
ISD 917 Food Shelf Service

School access is very limited during distance learning.  However, there are two sites with highly structured access.  Learn more at the School Access Expectations portlet.  
School Access Expectations